Fabric Warehouse

Accessaries Warehouse

Fabric inspection

Test criteria: 100 Yard unit
15 points or less ⇒ Fabric A
15 points and more ⇒ Fabric B

Fabric relaxing

Automatic cloth spreading machine

Automatic cutting machine2 units

20-head embroidery machine2 units

Inspection of semi-finished products

Heat Transfer Print machine10-units

Automatic draw string machine2-units

Automatic pocketing machine

Automatic AMS sewing and cutting machine

Automatic Buttoning

Bar Tack

Manage production schedule with RFID system

Laser cutting machine

Technical guidance from parent company

Flat seamer 20 units

Showing defect example

Check out the entire product

Product packaging

Double head needle detector 2-units

CAD system Toray “CREACOMPOII”

Sample room

Full pattern data from Japan ATAGO

Making sewing specifications in Vietnamese while exchanging techniques with Atago JP Design Department